The plant that grew up in the garden forgotten by people, or from the seed of the seeded apples entered in the forest, or hemp grown on its own in a garbage dump - in Ukrainian it is called "dychka". The band "Dychka" can also be said to be wildly grown - although their works also experience the influence of modern music styles, but the style in which they play difficult to determine. The very stream directs its creative work as "anxiety-dance".

The composition of the band is constantly changing, you can get to a concert with a large oak section or a performance where the guitar, violin and experimental electronic music will play.

The founder of the band, Dmytro Bugaychuk, is a guitar, vocalist and also the author of the songs, along with Angela Zaitseva - a violin, vocals and a famous theater composer, one of the founders of the electronic avant-garde in Ukraine Alexander Kochanovsky.