Odyn v kanoe


Odyn v kanoe band was founded in 2010 in Lviv. On November 27 was the first solo performance, at which the musicians presented their first songs. Since then band had solo concerts in largest Ukraine cities, Prague, Paris, London, Minsk, Moscow and Gdansk, participated in many festivals.

The participants changed many times, as a result of the original composition there were two: Ira Shvaydak (vocalist) and Ustim Pokhmursky (guitarist). Later they invited a percussionist Elena Davydenko. In this composition, the team has existed for six years, released in 2016 the debut album with the same name Odyn v kanoe.

The modern composition of the team is created by vocalist Irina Shvaydak, guitarist Ustim Pokhmursky and session drummer Igor Dzikovsky. Now the group is actively working on a new longplay, the release of which is planned for the fall of 2017.