Zetetics are a Ukrainian indie rock band formed in 2014 by lead vocalist Lika Bugaeva, with very personal lyrics and a strong mix. Lika gets known after she takes a part of famous vocal TV show «The Voice». She goes to live airs and semifinal at the Ukrainian version.

Band's debut album «Finally I see», according to Inspired, came top of the best albums of last year in Ukraine.

Single «Fly Away» became popular and has been remembered by its video, in which Lika was singing in sign language for those who can not hear. «Fly Away» was listed at TOP-2014 according to Cultprostir.ua.

The last autumn band gives a life to the new album «Zetetic». «Zetetic» is an obscure English word coming from Greek through Latin. It has been used as a something-like-synonym of "skeptic". And band changed the name in this way.

Album was recognized as one of the best albums in Ukraine by Comma.

The album presentation was filmed, and the band released first full concert video — «Live in Kyiv». It was charting in «Ukrainian best music films» by MusicInUa.

Band is preparing for A&R sessions, first European concerts and touring.