Selection rounds for Atlas Weekend 2017!

Dear friends! This spring we got more than 700 band applications!

We listened to every single band, and now we ask you to join us in choosing those who are worthy to become a part of our festival.

We started on online voting on our Vkontakte page to choose 5 bands from Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv respectively. During a pre-party in each city, we will choose only one winner who will get the chance to perform at Atlas Weekend 2017.

Dnipro’s participants are: Jungleman, Notes, The Labyrinth, Дом Грибоедова (Dom Griboedova), Zagreb, Red Wolf, Ангажемент на вівторок (Angazhement na vivtorok), Brackets, VIDVERTO, the Virophage, THE LABYRINTH. The pre-party will take place on May 24 at Poplavok Music Hall.

Odessa is represented by: Cherry-Merry, Yurov, Orionix, Cheshires, Karadenzija, Rum Pum Pum, Zukkor Zzov, WELL, Lastochka, Zavala Ʌ Kondurakiy. The pre-party in Odessa will take place on May 28 at True Man.

Kharkiv’s representatives are eyesopen, MUZZ, Black Mesa, Slow Action, Mark Shwedow & Veta, Трикстеры (Trikstery), Fadivi Music, Legenda Folium, Royl Corvus, Nick O'Nill. The Kharkiv pre-party will take place on June 1 at Korova art-club.

Грей Дер (Grey Der, Ivano-Frankivsk), Stelsi (Chernivtsi), Twelves, Say It Loud, and Шосте Чуття (Shoste Chuttya) will perform in Lviv’s biker-pub The Gas Station on June 2. The selection in Lviv will have only one round – the voting will take place directly during the show.

Find contest details and vote for your favorites at the Atlas Weekend VK-page https://vk.com/awf