Atlas Weekend Culture

A festival of creativity and art will be presented at the Atlas Weekend 2017.

An open space for creative people, where people can enjoy poetry by the fire, learn interesting information from invited speakers, and visit an open-air cinema apart from music.

Atlas Weekend Culture is a territory of creative harmony and happiness. The project was created for the development of modern culture in the hearts of Ukrainian youth. Famous Ukrainian writers, street theaters and solo performances, acoustic performances by artists from Ukraine and USA will be represented at the location. And also: an open-air cinema, performances of authoritative speakers in the sphere of culture and arts, photo exhibitions, master classes from creative people, exciting stories about travels from inveterate travelers who have visited many countries in the world.

"We have set a goal to create an art project for progressive youth, for young people who are fond not only of music, but also art, poetry and self-development, who seek to learn something new and interesting for themselves," tells us Andrii Sharan, one of the promoters of the Atlas Weekend festival.

Among the participants of the project: Sergii Zhadan, Izdryk, Liubko Deresh, Kapranov brothers, Dmitry Lazutkin, Vanya Yakimov, Oleksii Chupa, Viktoria Dykobraz, Oleg Kadanov, Anastasia Plis, Khas, Es Soya and many others.