GOGOLFEST KOVCHEG at Atlas Weekend 2017

From June 28 to July 2, GOGOLFEST KOVCHEG will present fantastic events at Atlas Weekend.

Each visitor will be able to feel themselves in the fantastic world of the future, having visited the fairy-tale show Alles.AR. To be in the parallel universe, you just need to look at the ordinary world through the screen. The new reality is already with you and she is beautiful.

Premiere of the new Katya Chilly Group project "Lullaby", specially on the GOGOLFEST BOOK stage on the Atlas Weekend. At midnight, when reality changes, listeners are waiting for a magical performance filled with Katya's voice, performances by actors and dark stars.

Guests of GOGOLFEST KOVCHEG will see a new format of the classical opera at Atlas Weekend, opera installation of Opera-live from Vlad Troitsky and NOVA OPERA. It will be set up in the middle of the lake and will be able to awaken the most secret of your archetypal memories of destruction and salvation. The project will be presented for the first time in history specially for the Atlas Weekend.

On the main musical scene GOGOLFEST KOVCHEG will combine the subtle cabaret Dakh Daughters, the shocking punks Khamerman Znyschuye Virusy, the new ethno OY Sound System from Marco Galanevich, minimalist "Odyn V Kanoe", the French hard electronics Perturbator and the new discovery of Vlad Troitsky - "Tse Sho" — very young boy and girls who make author music in unlike the familiar style, where jazz, ethno and true drama merged together.