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Loyalty program Atlas Wekeend

If you bought a ticket to a festival with a foreign lineup and plan to visit Atlas Weekend 2022 using it, we offer you a discount promo code as a thank you for saving your ticket. The discount can be used for another ticket to the Atlas Weekend 2022 or when purchasing merch. To get a discount, fill out the form below.

* The amount of the discount depends on the category of the ticket. *Discounts can be added together. Multiple promo codes can be used per order. Each promo code can only be used once and only for one order. The promo code is valid until 31.05.2022.

If you just want to return the ticket, fill out an application for a refund and receive the amount to the account for which the ticket was purchased. Reception of applications for refunds will be available from 1 to 31 August. Payment of funds will be until December 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]
or telegram: @AWexchange

A promo code with a discount must be entered on the Atlas Weekend website when buying tickets on the tabs: buy cheaper with Masterсard, buy without a service fee, buy in installments.

Application processing takes up to 2 days