256 days left before the festival


How can I get a refund for a ticket?

Reception of applications for ticket funds is completed. Refunds will be from 1 October till 31 December 2020.
Just to remind, all AW 2020 tickets are valid for 2021. If you want to support the festival - please, consider saving your ticket. Invest in your unforgettable summer of 2021 and help festival to grow even bigger and to shine even brighter next summer.

What is going on?!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic Atlas Weekend is postponed to 2021 year. You can find more information in our official statement

What are the consequences for the festival?

It is hard even to estimate all the consequences that we will face. We still don’t know when the world will return to pre-quarantine mode, both economically and morally.
It’s the most difficult decision we have ever made. The festival is not just a six-day holiday in the middle of summer. It is yearlong work of a great team. Closer to the dates of the festival, we engage over a thousand people to the preparation, we are talking about contractors, staff, volunteers. All these people will not be able to prove themselves at Atlas Weekend this summer.
We are heartbroken that we will not meet you at VDNG this year, but we are not losing hope and are already preparing for the 2021 festival season.

I bought a ticket to the 2020 festival, what should I do?

Tickets that were purchased for this year’s festival are valid for Atlas Weekend 2021. You will be able to exchange this ticket for a bracelet at the entrance and it will give you access to the territory of the festival in 2021.
Your one-day ticket is valid for the same day of the week next year. It means, Wednesday July 8, 2020 = Wednesday July 7, 2021.

Why do you encourage to transfer the ticket to 2021 and visit festival?

Your ticket to Atlas Weekend is an investment into unforgettable summer of 2021. We are grateful to everyone for believing in us and staying with us. Every year we try to make the festival more interesting and comfortable for you, and we hear all your wishes. In current situation, we ask everyone who has already purchased a ticket to support Atlas Weekend and attend it in 2021. Having a festival ticket guarantees you the best price for attending Atlas Weekend, because there will be no more early bird tickets or considerable discount for AW 2021 tickets.

When and where Atlas Weekend 2021 will take place?

Atlas Weekend 2021 will take place on the second week of July 2021 - from 6th to 11th of July 2021 in Ukraine, Kyiv, VDNG, 1 Akademika Hlushkova Avenue.

What about line-up? Are you planning on saving line-up 2020 for 2021? Will artist "&$#*@" perform at AW 2021?

We are now actively working on a one-hundred-percent transfer of AW 2020 line-up to AW 2021. We are in communication with all artists. The pandemic has touched absolutely everyone, dozens of festivals are being postponed to the next year and all artists understand current situation and they are also rescheduling performances and tours for 2021.
We will immediately announce every confirmed artist performance on our social networks and on website. All confirmed for 2021 year artists will appear on the 2021 Members tab on our website.

How much will ticket for the 2021 festival cost?

You can find all the valid prices on our website in the Tickets tab
Closer to the dates of festival tickets price will rise.
Also, as soon as we receive confirmation from the artists that their performances will be rescheduled for next year, we will return one-day tickets for sale.

I won tickets to the 2020 festival, will it be valid for 2021?

All tickets and invitations are automatically valid for new festival dates in 2021

I have issued an installment plan for ticket 2020, what should I do?

Your ticket is also valid for the new dates of the festival. You need to fully repay all payments according to your installment plan, in order to finish the credit history with your bank.
In case of ticket return, you will receive back the exact amount you have paid for the ticket at the time of the return request.

What can I do for the festival?

If you want to help Atlas Weekend 2021 happen, the first thing you can do is save your ticket or (if you don't already have a ticket) buy a ticket for the 2021 festival.
If you are a passionate fan of the festival and still are not in our fan club, then this is the time to change things right. Apply online here
If you are a blogger and would like to help everyone learn about Atlas Weekend - leave your personal details here and we will contact you.
If you think that you can make our festival even brighter/better/more professional, then we look forward to get your CV

Why don't you reply to me on social media/mail?

We read and process all requests that come to us. Due to the fact that recently number of requests has grown a hundred times, we are physically unable to process them with lightning speed. We apologize for the delay, we will respond to you shortly.

You didn’t answer my question!

We happen to be together with you in a new reality that we were not ready for. So far, we do not have all the answers, but we are working on finding them.
You can email us or contact us via personal message in any of our social media accounts. We will definitely receive your message and find the answer to your question.