Where will Atlas Weekend 2021 take place?

VDNG, Kyiv, Ukraine. Exact address: 1 Akademika Hlushkova Avenue. GOOGLE MAPS

I am a media representative/blogger/photographer/opinion leader, etc., can I get an accreditation?

Media & photographers accreditation are closed.
Opinion leaders form is available HERE

What are the benefits of the VIP-standing ticket?

- Separate VIP-entrance. You are not waiting in the general queue to get the festival bracelet but enter the festival via Fast-line;
- Parking spot on a separate guarded parking;
- Access to the roofed VIP viewing platform with unobstructed views of the Main Stage. It is on an elevation, so the crowd, hands and phones will not bother you at all. The zone is protected from direct sunlight and rain;
- Additional sound equipment. You will be able to listen to Main Stage performances with clear sound just as if you were standing in the front row under the stage;
- VIP-bar with extended bar card and food court right near the VIP-zone. You can order food and drinks without standing in queues. Variety of food and drinks is not inferior to main festival food courts;
- Separate restrooms. VIP-standing zone visitors can use separate WCs without queues which undergo sanitary treatment regularly.

Do I need to exchange my all-days ticket for a ticket with new dates in 2022?

No, your Atlas Weekend 2020/2021 all-days ticket is automatically valid for all festival days in 2022.

How can I pay at the festival?

Only non-cash payment (via any bank cards). There will be points of cards replenishment at the festival.

Is it possible to bring a photo/video equipment?

Taking cameras with removable lenses is strictly prohibited without an accreditation. GoPro, other action cameras and small snapshot cameras can be taken but you can’t take photos of artists with a flash.Quadcopters and other flying devices are also forbidden.

Can I bring water and food to the festival?

No, only to the territory of the camping (entrance from metro station ‘Teremky’ side). GOOGLE MAPS

Is it possible visit the festival via my ticket and on the next day give a ticket to my friend?

No. Your ticket will be exchanged onto the wristband at the first time entrance and can not be activated after that. It is prohibited to remove/damage and transfer the wristband to others.

How many times can I enter the festival? And what if I have a one-day pass?

Ticket will be changed on bracelet at the festival entrance and you can enter/leave festival territory 3 times a day via it.

Can I take part in the food court zone?

Yes! Application form > CLICK HERE

Is the tent included in the camping ticket price?

A ticket to the campsite is valid only for one person. All necessary equipment should be taken with you or you can book a rental of everything needed. More information about the campsite: HERE

Are there any exemption categories?

Yes! You can read them in the Festival rules (Article 10)

I bought a ticket to the 2020 festival, what should I do?

Tickets that were purchased for this year’s festival are valid for Atlas Weekend 2022. You will be able to exchange this ticket for a bracelet at the entrance and it will give you access to the territory of the festival in 2022.
Your one-day ticket is valid for the same day of the week in year 2022. It means, Wednesday July 8, 2020 = Wednesday July 6, 2022.

I have issued an installment plan for ticket 2020, what should I do?

Your ticket is also valid for the new dates of the festival. You need to fully repay all payments according to your installment plan, in order to finish the credit history with your bank.
In case of ticket return, you will receive back the exact amount you have paid for the ticket at the time of the return request.

How to return a ticket?

The process of returning tickets will be identical to last year's plan: you will have access to a form to fill out an application on the site. You will need to fill all the fields for processing a refund, enter the details of your ticket, after processing the application, a confirmation letter will be sent to your mail and the money will be returned to your account. We will inform you about the start of accepting applications in our social networks and on the website.

So there will be no foreign artists this year?

The 2021 line-up is moved to 2022. This year on the stages of Atlas Weekend will perform mostly Ukrainian artists, artists from CIS countries and European DJs. We are now in touch with all artists and we will be announcing the line-up in our social networks very soon.

What will be the price for 2021 year?

The price for Atlas Weekend Friends Edition will starts from 1,800 UAH. If you had a ticket for AW 2020/2021 you'll be able to exchange it to tickets for festival in this year. All the current prices can be found on the site in the section - Tickets
We remind you that closer to the festival the prices of tickets will increase.

When will the full 2021 line-up be known?

Now we are in touch with all the artists. We need a little more time to agreed all terms and go into the announcement. We will be announcing all the 2021 line-up soon. Follow our social media and website for updates.

Have all of the previously announced artists confirmed for 2022?

We are now actively working on a one-hundred-percent transfer of AW 2021 line-up to AW 2022. We are in communication with all artists. We will immediately announce every confirmed artist performance on our social networks and on website. All confirmed for 2022 year artists will appear on the Line-up tab on our website.

What if I have one-day pass? Will the date be kept?

If the performance stayed on the same day of the week, you do not need to change your ticket. For example, Twenty One Pilots was scheduled to perform in 2021 on Friday, July 9, in 2022 the band will also perform on Friday, but July 8. In that case, there is no need to change the ticket. If, however, the day of the week of the artist's performance changes, you will need to fill out a ticket exchange form on our website.

On the ticket it says "no refunds or exchanges". So where is the truth about refunds?

Pandemic of COVID-19 is a force majeure, so as part of our loyalty program we give you the opportunity to exchange or refund your ticket. A ticket exchange/return form will be available on our website shortly.

What quarantine restrictions will be in place on the territory of the festival? What makes you so sure that you will be able to hold such a large-scale festival during the quarantine?

- Due to the quarantine regulations that apply in the yellow and orange zones, we can hold the festival with a limited number of visitors at the rate of 4 square meters of territory per person. Accordingly, the number of tickets to the festival this year will be strictly limited.
- Also, all team will be tested on COVID-19 prior to the festival. All employees will use personal protective equipment, undergo daily temperature screening and will be isolated if there is the slightest symptom of illness.
- We will also conduct temperature screening for festival visitors. We will provide a sufficient number of antiseptics, mark the area near the stages, bars, food courts and entrances to avoid large crowds.
But we want to remind you that compliance with quarantine regulations is a mutual responsibility. We ask all visitors to be conscientious, wear masks, keep their distance, stay at home if they have the slightest symptoms of a cold and not endanger other visitors and the festival team.

If I have a ticket for AW20/21 - can I get to AW2021 with it?

All tickets purchased for Atlas Weekend Festival in 2021 are automatically valid for Festival 2022. For those who want to attend the festival this year, there will be bargain exchange options available. We'll let you know more about them a little bit later.