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Music Conference

Conference program: http://musicexportukraine.com/about/career-360

On July 12-14, 2019 a summer edition of Music Conference Ukraine will take place in Kyiv. This time it will be organized in partnership with the largest Eastern European festival, ATLAS WEEKEND. For the first time, it’s not only about dozens of foreign experts from the music industry who will come to the conference, but also about workshops, special events and even a cash prize that can be won for the best presentation of a music project.

Summer’s Music Conference Ukraine will be held under the slogan of "Music career 360", based on a reference to the artist-label approach called 360. During three days, experts will discuss different aspects of building a bright and long-lasting music career. How do musicians sell their music, control their online promotion, coordinate income sources and not go crazy due to amount of work?

Organizers of the event, the independent initiative of Music Export Ukraine say: "Only Music Conference Ukraine has the biggest concentration of international experts. We do not discuss the same issues of the Ukrainian music industry all over again. We are always one step ahead: we study foreign experience and immediately implement it. We invite only those guests who are interested in cooperation with Ukraine and our talents. No abstract talks, only the freshest updates about the modern music industry. And all this will take place at one of the largest festivals in Eastern Europe!"

In addition, the conference will have a traditional networking session, practical workshops and plenty of special events! Attendees of the ATLAS WEEKEND festival will be free to attend the conference, but to participate in closed events, they need to register on the organizers' site: http://musicexportukraine.com/mcu-join