161 days left before the festival


Atlas Weekend considers it's necessary to contribute to ecology and clean environment protection. Last year we organized recycling garbage collection during the festival: special containers were installed throughout, thanks to which Atlas Weekend gathered 2300kg of recycling garbage in 6 days.

Our volunteers, same as last year, will actively inform about this and help festival visitors to take care about ecology. We understand that it will not reduce non-recyclable waste to zero, but at least will minimize its share as much as possible.

Atlas Weekend festival takes care about being accessible for all attendees. Its infrastructure is fully provided with all conditions in order to make every guest of the festival feel comfortable and fully enjoy the atmosphere of music celebration. Particularly, as a part of the inclusion initiative for people with disabilities on Atlas Weekend, festival infrastructure will be equipped with:

⁃ special platforms near the main stage for easier viewing of performances;

⁃ more suitable dry closets;

⁃ ramps in all places, where movement issues might be caused.

Also Atlas Weekend will provide free entrance on all days of the festival upon presentation of the appropriate certificate for:

⁃ people with disabilities of I and II categories;

⁃ person accompanying people with disabilities of I category;

⁃ children with disabilities;

⁃ disabled veterans of I, II, III categories.